Success Stories

“Over the more than 30 years since I first heard Linda speak, she has consulted with my dental practice for over 25 of those years becoming not only a friend but mentor as well. From the first consult when my practice doubled in the next six months throughout the years, Linda helped an already successful dental practice to reach its maximal potential and for me to learn and grow to be a more effective leader of my team.

Through the Speaking Consulting Network, Linda introduced me to many people who have helped launch my own speaking and consulting career in recent years. The networking opportunities that she has provided for all of us at SCN and the personal wisdom she has imparted have been a great help to me and many others in the dental field.

Endless energy. Tremendous passion for the profession. Willingness to work hard every day. Linda is truly a gift to the profession and everyone associated with it.”
May 9, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Dr. Jonathan A. Bregman hired Linda as a Dentist in 1980, and hired Linda more than once

"You've "tweeked" me with enthusiasm even after 45 yrs in practice." 

Linda Gular, RDH  Richard Koup Associates Malvern, PA


"Excellent course - pleasant to listen to; very professional; stories are an awesome way to learn."

Rhonda Sauder-Ruth, RDH  WRR Dental Associates  Souderton, PA

“Linda Miles is the pioneer that set the bar for many consultants in the dental industry today. She is purposeful, coaching doctors and their teams to strive, make a difference and grow clinically and professionally beyond their expectations. She is a woman of wisdom, that is respected and honored by top industry decision makers. Her contributions supercede the limitations of what is possible in practices and their people to succeed in being at the top of their profession.”

Rhonda Mullins, CEO, Vista Pro Consulting Inc.
worked with Linda at Linda Miles and Associates


“Linda is inspirational. She is hard working, driven and passionate about her clients and dentistry. Linda has surrounded herself with an equally dedicated Team; take advantage of them and reap the rewards you deserve.”
November 16, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
Molly Gunsaulis


“I am an eighteen year veteran with more continuing education credits than most of the doctors I consult with. I have seen the best of the best speak on materials, practice management, practice development and transitions. Unquestionably, Linda is one of the best educators and mentors in the dental business!”



"For the past two years, Linda Miles has been an exceptional coach! As a result of her expertise and support, I have expanded my speaking career, began publishing, and developed a product line. Her phenomenal advice means a lot to me, as I am very lucky to be working with such a talented expert.

Linda, As always, you are a role model for me. Thank you for always giving support and being so approachable. My dental team here in Cleveland still can’t believe that I know you let alone can ask you for advice. You are a legend!"

Lisa Newburger

"Dear Linda –

Well after two of the most difficult interviews of my life, one with HR, and the second with the strategic manager and ops manager of the corporation, I walked away feeling very deflated … Only to receive a phone call a day after my second interview to tell me how impressed they were, and to offer me the position. Thank you so much for your help leading up to this."

Sarah Holslag, AU


"My staff and I really enjoyed your presentation, and I want to thank you for taking your time to share your knowledge with all of us. I was particularly happy that two of our younger staff (hygienists) were able to hear you present for the first time. One has been with me 11 years and the other for 9 years and both were very enthusiastic about you. All of my other staff (most of whom have been with me 20+ years) have heard you several times but still loved hearing you again. I hope you keep doing what you are doing for many years to come!"

Thanks, Eddie Pafford, DDS (Hinman Leadership Seminar)

"If Linda Miles can't light your fire, your wood is wet!"

Kay Fife Carver, North Port, Alabama


"We all shine because you have opened the door and let the sun radiate through us!!"

Andrew Doerfler, DDS Texas

"You have inspired me (and thousands upon thousands) to grow and become more than I ever imagined possible. You have lit up the world of dentistry with the brightest, warmest fire and it will never be the same!"   

Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS, Port Warwick Dental Arts, VA


"Linda is my favorite speaker and has taught me so much over the years. I love what I do because she taught me the value I have to the practice using proper verbal skills and customer service."

Wendy Corry, Practice Administrator, Port Huron, MI

I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know you made our office manager's day.   When Sherry emailed you, she never expected that she would actually have the opportunity to speak with you.  She has admired you for many years and she was thrilled.  Of course, you also shared with her some excellent ideas for our office and she is ready to run with that, which makes all of us happy. You are truly an impressive person.

Denise  Oakes-Lottridge DMD, Lehigh General and Implant Dentistry


"Thank you for your energy that you shared. Your passion for dentistry is evident. I'm excited to see our office grow from implementing some of your suggestions."

Michele Jamison, Asst  Bryn Mawr Periodontal  Rosemont, PA


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