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Celebrating her 50th year in dentistry and her 34th year as a practice and team development speaker and consultant, Linda Miles is available for telephone guidance for speakers, consultants, authors, dentists, dental spouses, staff members and dental company sales representatives who can benefit by her expertise. Registration for reserved time is necessary.
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August 7
AGD Webinar

September 12-13&
Miami Beach, FL

October 17
Fort Worth AGD
Fort Worth, TX

November 14
Private Seminar
Cary, NC

November 21-27
Epic II
Syracuse, NY

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About Linda Miles

I began my career in dentistry as an assistant in 1961, and moved with my AF career husband Don for 21 years always being the last hired staff member in most practices. In 1976, I moved to the front desk and then became the Practice Administrator of a small, but very successful practice in Richmond, VA.

With encouragement from my then employer, I started helping other practices train their admin teams in 1978. I went into fulltime speaking and consulting in 1980, when we moved to Virginia Beach, VA. Thanks to a very supportive family and corporate staff, we built a very successful practice management consulting firm over 30 years, selling it to Dr. Rhonda Savage in 2007.

In 1997, I founded the Speaking Consulting Network, an annual conference for those wishing to start or enhance their own speaking, consulting or writing business. After 13 years, I sold SCN to Lois Banta in 2010.

I'm still very active with the Speaking Consulting Network, Oral Cancer Cause Foundation, EPIC I and EPIC II, and writing two new books. One book is on my life adventures as a dental speaker, consultant, writer, wife, mother grandmother and mentor for many. The other book is co authored with Lois Banta on "How to Start or Enhance a Speaking/Consulting Career", both to be available in late 2013. Since I believe "To REST is to RUST", I plan to work as long as I enjoy it!

Linda's Video Library

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